Reporting Category 1 – 20%

Reporting Category 1


11 Questions


Readiness Standards RC1 

A.10EFactor, if possible, trinomials with real factors in the form ax2 + bx + c, including perfect square trinomials of degree two.   Practice

A.11BSimplify numeric and algebraic expressions using the laws of exponents, including integral and rational exponents.  Practice

Supporting Standards RC1 :

A.10AAdd and subtract polynomials of degree one and degree two.  Practice

A.10BMultiply polynomials of degree one and degree two.  Practice

A.10DRewrite polynomial expressions of degree one and degree two in equivalent forms using the distributive property.  Practice

A.10F: Decide if a binomial can be written as the difference of two squares and, if possible, use the structure of a difference of two squares to rewrite the binomial.  Practice

A.12ADecide whether relations represented verbally, tabularly, graphically, and symbolically define a function.  Practice

A.12B: Evaluate functions, expressed in function notation, given one or more elements in their domains. Practice

A.12E: Solve mathematic and scientific formulas, and other literal equations, for a specified variable. Practice


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