Reporting Category 2 – 22%


Reporting Category 2


12 Questions

Readiness Standards RC 2 : 

A.3B: Calculate the rate of change of a linear function represented tabularly, graphically, or algebraically in context of mathematical and real-world problems. Practice

A.3CGraph linear functions on the coordinate plane and identify key features, including x-intercept, y-intercept, zeros, and slope, in mathematical and real-world problems.  Practice

A.3DGraph the solution set of linear inequalities in two variables on the coordinate plane. Practice.

 Supporting Standards RC 2 : 

A.3A: Determine the slope of a line given a table of values, a graph, two points on the line, and an equation written in various forms, including y = mx + b, Ax + By = C, and y – y1 = m(x – x1). Practice

A.3EDetermine the effects on the graph of the parent function f(x) = x when f(x) is replaced by af(x), f(x) + d, f(x – c), f(bx) for specific values o f a, b, c, and d. Practice

A.3FGraph systems of two linear equations in two variables on the coordinate plane and determine the solutions if they exist. Practice

A.4CWrite, with and without technology, linear functions that provide a reasonable fit to data to estimate solutions and make predictions for real-world problems.  Practice


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